Queens Democratic Club Elects New Executive Board


Powhatan and Pocahontas Regular Democratic Club

For Immediate Release
April 4, 2017
Contact: Shachar Sharon, powhatan01@gmail.com

Queens Democratic Club Elects New Executive Board
Will Engage Community and Increase Awareness of Legislative Issues

Astoria, N.Y. - Over 50 members of the Powhatan and Pocahontas Regular Democratic Club today gathered to elect their 2017-2018 executive board. 

Powhatan is a building ground for Democrats and people looking to be politically involved in their community.  Members of Powhatan have organized political and outreach-based activities including phone banking, petitioning, canvassing, voter registration drives, and debate watch parties.  They have worked together to elect candidates from the bottom of the ticket and up - from local Democratic District Leaders to president.  Members have spoken to voters both in Astoria and in battleground states such as Pennsylvania and Florida.

Since the 2016 Presidential Election, the club has made it a priority to reach first-time voters through community outreach, events, policy-based discussions, and social media.  Under the direction of the board, Powhatan will continue to grow new generations of political leaders and activists, help elect Democrats to office, engage with elected officials on a grassroots level, and shape the Democratic party with Astoria's voices.

The executive board includes:
Dirk McCall, President
Andy Aujla, Executive Vice President
Nick Roloson, Political Vice President
Eileen Schauer, Treasurer
Rod Townsend, Community Outreach Secretary
Shachar Sharon, Corresponding Secretary
Brian Beard, Recording Secretary
Mary Kelly, Financial Secretary
Laura Jean Hawkins, Female Chair of the Board
Michael Woloz, Male Chair of the Board
Jesse Rose, Building Director

“I look forward to working with our new executive board to achieve our goals of attracting new members and building a safe space for liberal voices throughout Astoria,” said the club’s president Dirk McCall.  “We have already made great headway by introducing people to the electoral process and increasing awareness of important policy and legislative issues.  Let’s continue together.  Congratulations to all our new executive board members!”

In addition, McCall appointed Steven Beard, Esq. as the new Legal Director, Nick Haby as chair of the Social Media Committee, Joanne Walters as chair of the Social Events Committee, and Tim Wilson as chair of the Issues/Programming Committee.

Councilman Costa Constantinides and AnneMarie Anzalone are the Democratic District Leaders.

Founded in 1901, the Powhatan and Pocahontas Regular Democratic Club represents the 36th Assembly District, Part A, in Astoria.  


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